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Instructions for signing your Will

Each page must be signed and witnessed in the presence of two witnesses

To successfully execute your Will you must follow these instructions in order for your Will to be a legal and valid document.

  1. Complete the date and then all sign use the same pen. (Please ask your witnesses to use the same pen also. This is important for the Court to see that the Testator and witnesses were at the same place at the same time).
  2. Sign the Will ON EACH PAGE on the line above the words -Testator to sign with usual signature – YOU MUST sign your Will in the presence of any two adult witnesses over the age of 18. These witnesses DO NOT HAVE to be special authorised witnesses.

We recommend that anyone named as a beneficiary in the Will should not be a witness to the Will.

  1. The two witnesses must then, in your presence sign their names, using the same pen, in the spaces provided ON EACH PAGE, adding their full names, addresses and occupations on the final page.
  2. REMEMBER: If the Will is more than one page, yourself and your witnesses must sign all other pages.