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About Writing A Will

wills perth | about writing a will

Your Will protects your family and everything you have worked and planned for your whole life.

  • Who you would like to be executor
  • Who you would like to be substitute executor
  • Do you have any special bequest
  • At what age would you want your children to have access to their inheritance – 18 years, 21 years, 23 years 25 years etc or would you like it staggered.
  • Who would you want to be the guardians or your children.
  • n the unfortunate circumstances that you all perish in an accident who would you like your inheritance to go to – parents, brother, sisters, nieces, nephews?
  • How would you like your funeral to be prepared – church service, celebrant, willow coffin, eco funeral , buried, cremated, ashes scattered on the ocean or placed at a cemetery.