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Executor Assistance in deceased estates

Times have changed

  • Life is busier
  • Stresses are greater.

When you lose someone you love and admire and have been named as Executor, there are financial and emotional considerations.

  • A third neutral party is the ideal answer if problems arise.
  • At Guardian Wills and Probate we are the third party.

We apply and obtain Probate of the Will or Letters of Administration for the estate.

We contact government departments, banks, superannuation companies, insurance companies etc

We do not take away the Executor’s role but we are in the background doing the work and guiding the executor.

The Executor is the only one in charge of the deceased estates finances on behalf of the beneficiaries.

The executor administers the deceased estate according to the Laws of Western Australia.

It’s not an easy task. In fact it’s often a responsible and difficult job but we take the pressure off you and work hard to have a speedy, efficient outcome.

The estate pays for executor assistance. We do not require money up front.